Mexican Inspired hand-made Sun Table top

This top is 32in. square and will be covered with a 1/4" x  32" square clear glass.
I need to make legs and supports underneath.

My inspiration is from a Mexican restaurant near where I live.  They have several different tables, all with different images and they let me take pictures of them. Below is the one I wanted to make.

I decided to make the sun table since it seemed to be a simpler design and had fewer colors.  Of course I do not have an air brush and just used a cheap paint brush to get the effect as seen.
I used southern white pine 2x4s and 2x8's since I could not purchase a big enough piece of wood.  I did not even think to look for one knowing the cost would be out of my meager budget.
The above inspiration table was made from what appears to be 3/4 -1" thick solid board 36" dia and ~1/2" plywood under it to support it.
This I presume is also under the purple frame making the table very sturdy. The outside purple square is 2" thick.
I could see where someone used a jig-saw to saw around the sun shape and relieve the plywood making the spaces in between the rays so you can see through the glass to the floor.

Below are just some of the steps I used to create this. I started creating the table 2 years ago and got discouraged as I made several mistakes and could not really figure out how to piece it together.  Also since it was at my parents house 35 miles away it was difficult to get over there especially with gas prices climbing so high.  Then my parents when out of town for the summer so it got forgotten. Once I did bring it back to my Apt. June 5th 2011 it took considerable time (several days) of shaping the pieces to set flush and sand file and shape it. I also decided not to put in the smaller sun rays as shown in one image. I had three of them done but they were also one of my original mistakes and I did not want to spend the time making them, notching them and the side of the frames and so forth.
I had to remake two of the sun beams as shown by their orange tint color. as they were used by myself in something else during the down time of the project thinking I was never going to finish it.  Wow this table almost never came to be.

I made a sketch of the face based on the image below.
I used one 3/4 wood chisel, a utility knife and sand paper to make the relief cuts on the face. I used a
Surform plane, files and 1" width sand paper roll strips to radius the edges.


Face based loosely on this image which was a sun-moon image...
  I used paint shop pro to cut the moon and mirrored the sun to get the whole face.