Construction picures of the rocking horse

Test Assembly to drill mounting holes for attachment. Entire horse is bolted together using 1/4-20 bolts and nuts.
Legs are through bolted using 10-32 threaded rods and nuts.

Dry assembly to check fits.

Showing Bolts for stringer and bolt for leg...


Cutting out Ears, both ears were cut from one glove. I removed wrist stitching for the second one (see below).

Staining Legs and Body

Stained Rockers and mounted floor boards...

two coats of polyurethane later and Final Assembly... Notice 10-32 Threaded rods through bolted to hold legs on.

Finished 12/23/2009

This was quite and undertaking and was almost not finished, because I was in the hospital and recuperated for 2-3 weeks after.

But I did manage to finish it and deliver by afternoon Dec 24, 2009.