Making Christmas Magical, One child at a time!

Stacking Squares Mind Teaser:  

Stacking Squares: 5 wooden squares are stacked larger to smaller.  Restack the squares on any other pin moving only one square at a time and not putting a larger one on top of a smaller one, nor lifting more that one square at a time. See how to solve it
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Pony Rocking Horse: made of Pine wood, stained, with Cotton main and tail.

approx 44 in. long by 25 in. tall x 12" wide.
This elegant hand crafted Pony will bring a child excitement for many years!
See how it was built. (made in November and December 2009)

I made my mom, a whimsical music box for Mothers Day.
Its an automata piano that moves the keys up and down as the music box plays.
I designed and engineered it from scratch then made it from scrap wood and metal.
I bought the music box on line.

Giant Pencils with any words, phases or slogans you choose.
Giant 4 foot Tall Pencil

Click this image to see more of this amazing Hand-Crafted Display... and place your order...

The following images are what I have done over the last 10+ years.

Santa Sleigh Approx 4ft tall by 8ft long, Runner is 12ft.
Covered with Red Sign Vinyl and Gold Garland.
Letters made on Roland Sign Maker, Dr. Stika Plus SX-8

(click image to see more image)
Nieces and Nephews... Christmas 2008.
(my mother makes a Christmas card with them in it every year, since they were very small. And this year she wanted to make a sleigh.
So I created one big enough for all to fit into...

Dreidel Music box (click image to see video)

Santa Sleigh made of copper


Star Wars Empire Logo Coffee Table 30" dia. Bought a table at Goodwill for $10.00 and created a Giant Logo using the Sign maker.

Giant Dice End Table


Jedi Necklace made from 1/4"thk. Acrylic. Buy Me!



Giant Fender Guitar Pick Clock.

5 O'clock somewhere clock, gift for step daughters wedding... along with several drink glasses.


Star Wars Characters Clock...

Dial Caliper Clock


Signs for nieces and nephews

Giant Admit One Ticket ~11" long.    Route 66 sign ~14" square.

copper wire fish
Copper wire fish made from recycled copper electrical wire.

copper wire fish
Copper wire butterflies.

Tiki Bar Sign
Tiki Bar Sign (made of old pallet wood and sign maker.
along with snow flake created using AutoCAD.

Tiki Bar Sign
Tiki Bar sign hand carved from recycled pallet wood

Tiki Bar Sign
Compass NSEW made from teak veneer.jpg

Sign for Sister and Brother-in-Laws House... about 27" wide and 16" tall.

Beach hand carved sign
Beach sign hand carved from recycled pallet wood

Beach hand carved sign
Ships pulley made from scrap wood

Beach hand carved sign
Cypress clock made in 1976 for Bicentennial (it has 1976 half dollars and silver dollars as the numbers)

Easter 2009

Hand Painted "Easter Egg Hunt" sign for Greenville, Indiana and baskets to collect eggs...
since we needed over 40 baskets I decided to make them out of 2 liter soda bottles. I cut them in half and
used string as a handle, then I personalized each one with the child's name to cover up the label remnants.

Easter Egg Hunt Sign as seen from the street.

one of the games we had for the Easter bash...


Large Monkeys Fist and Keychain

Nut and Bolt Key chain

Micrometer Key chain

Wooden Items

Giant Jack, 70th birthday present for my mother. Nearly 15" across the long side.
Made from Mahogany and Maple. 1/2 of my talents come from her. My mother loved to play jacks as a child and still knows how to after more than 65 years. So I made her a very special commemorative jack.

My Uncle Bill made thousands of these crosses and gave them away for years. I helped him one summer when I was a teenager in the 1970's. He passed away in the 1980's.  In 2009 his wife Grace died at age 93 and while at her estate in Indiana, I was able to get the remaining stock. The wood still in good condition after 40 years was in a shed waiting for me to continue his mission.

Large Nut bowl shaped like a Real Nut

12" Pepper Grinder

3 foot tall Pepper Grinder

Ball Point Pens made from Walnut dowel rod

Celtic pens made with Lava Bright Silk Emerald Green blank.

50 Caliber Pen.

Wine bottle stopper

Giant Pawn.jpg

Mothers Day Gift 2014

Candy Cane Snowman

Signs to different cities in Florida

Signs to different cities in Florida

Signs to different cities in Florida

Signs to different cities in Florida
installed in sisters backyard

I can make similar cities/mileage signs for you.

Daldos Viking Game

Daldos Viking Game

Daldos Viking Game Finished.jpg

R2-D2 full size R/C Replica, here is the ultimate in patience, perseverance and attention to detail.
Since I don't have any children I made one. Click image to see in him action on

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More Really Neat-O Things Added Regularly!

made with Love and Passion in Sunny Central Florida!